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JAROWA integrates the Mira automated insurance coverage check and calculation solution – the final puzzle piece for a fully digital, end-to-end claims process

Zug, Switzerland, 31 August 2022 – JAROWA is the leading Swiss digital marketplace and transaction platform on whichinsurance companies, property managers and leasing companies can manage their trusted service providers and digital orders more efficiently. With the integration of the Mira solution, JAROWA’s clients profit from fully automated coverage checks, damage calculation and a wide range of analytical data insights to improve their business. 


JAROWA AG was founded in Zug, Switzerland in May 2017 and is a privately owned Swiss Tech company that offers insurance companies, property managers and leasing companies access to a digital marketplace in the areas of mobility, property & trades, healthcare, and legal advice. In the case of a claim under an insurance, the claim is automatically assessed, and an appropriate and trusted service provider is selected and commissioned to handle the order. The settling of the claim is processed digitally for all parties involved. 


Mira, formally Mitra Solutions AG, was founded in Winterthur in 2018 by Dr Dandolo Flumini, Joris Morger, Nicolas Gagliani and Alberto Ribeiro Silveira. The Mira solution contains a visual drag & drop contract builder for the simple digitisation of insurance products and the associated policy wording (in particular its terms & conditions) into a “smart contract”. In the event of a claim, the smart contract dynamically displays only those questions that are relevant for each individual case. Already available damage reports support the automated check of the coverage calculation and the resulting payment of the claim. Running the claims processes with the Mira solution significantly reduces the effort of manually assessing a claim, and the payments are accurate and fully in line with the policy wording. Additional features, such as automatic value estimation of damaged goods, digital validation of notified events (hail, theft, etc,), smart data insights, customer interaction monitoring and the integrated scenario simulation facility, provide insurance companies with vast amounts of structured data to further improve their processes and products.


Enabling a fully digital, end-to-end claims process 

After onboarding the Mira solution, customers can report their claim to their insurance company by using a customer self-service portal or with the support of a call centre agent. Mira’s smart contract engine safely guides the user through the relevant - and dynamically created - notification questionnaire in order to assess and calculate the coverage. Insurance customers then receive an instant cover assessment and, whenever possible, a direct settlement option. If damage needs to be repaired, a service provider is mandated via the JAROWA platform.


Helping insurers to deal with adverse events 

In addition to the strong benefits of Mira in day-to-day operations and customer interaction, Mira can also help insurers to overcome employee capacity shortages during peak seasons and surge events, such as storms, hail, or flooding. Through its high level of automation, insurers can process large numbers of claims related to the same event extremely quickly, or even temporarily move the event to a full self-servicing channel specifically activated for it.


“Insurance companies often struggle with complex policy wording that has evolved over countless generations, making the assessment of a claim time consuming and often dependent on legal specialists. The Mira solution is designed to automate the claims coverage check and calculation, resulting in a swift customer service, accurate calculations, extremely efficient claims handling and product improvement. The solution seamlessly integrates into the JAROWA platform, and we are very excited to join their dynamic team,” says Dr Dandolo Flumini.


Andreas Akeret, JAROWA CEO, states, “We are delighted to be able to offer our clients a fully digital claims process. Access to an automated coverage check and claims calculation solution is a game changer for insurance companies. The service is seamlessly connected to our digital vendor marketplace, turning claims-handling into a truly digital, end-to-end process. Mira has built the bridge between Claims, Product-Design and Underwriting. We are delighted that the talented Mira team has decided to join our company.” 


After reaching “market standard” status in its home market of Switzerland, JAROWA is successfully expanded into European markets, and is proud to already be able to count a large number of leading insurances, property managers and leasing companies among their valued clients. The recent closure of their Series A financing round for more than CHF 12 million is accelerating JAROWA’s growth outside Switzerland. In addition to the financing, the integration of Mira has been a top priority on the innovation agenda. The Mira integration Itself has not been financed by the Series A funding. 



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JAROWA is a quickly growing, privately held Swiss Tech company with the mission to digitally connect trusted service provider communities with B2B clients. From 2018, the company has offered insurance companies, property managers and leasing companies access to a digital marketplace and transaction platform in the areas of mobility, property & trades, healthcare, and legal advice. The platform is set as the market standard in Switzerland and is expanding within Europe. 


More information regarding JAROWA, and its solutions are available at www.jarowa.group