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Our team

We aspire to excite our customers

Alberto Ribeiro Silveira Business- & Product Development MIRA
Albrecht Bereuter COO
Alexander Hafen Software Engineer
Ana Betschart Head of BRE & Configuration

Andrea Suter BRE & Configuration
Andreas Akeret CEO
Anne Dany Head of Healthcare (DE)
Ariana Chevalley Project Manager

Bendicht Eggimann Network Manager (CH)
Carolina Vommaro Controller Smart Step AG
Charlotte Speck Operations Assistant
Christian Akeret Country Manager Switzerland

Christoph Hagenbrock Head of Platform Integration
Cyril Kägi Head of Property & Trades (CH)
Dandolo Flumini R&D Engineer
Daniele Giannotta Network Manager (CH)

Debora Scarafilo Network Manager (DE)
Dilek Özkoc Support & Operations Manager
Ernst Koch CFO
Eva Vogelmann CEO Smart Step AG

Florian Melzer Head of Property & Trades (DE)
Franziska Eder Network Manager (DE)
Gina Studerus Network Manager
Gregorio Riva Operations Team Lead

Hans-Georg Fend BRE & Platform Manager
Hermine Lacour Legal Counsel
Jeroen van 't Hooft Project Manager
Jessica Boddi Network Manager (CH)

Joris Morger Software Engineer
Josephine Gramunt Controller Smart Step AG
Katherine Lee Head Marketing & Communication
Katja Rubin Project Manager

Lea Bachmann Scale-up Manager
Lorenz Hänggi CTO (Deputy)
Luca Schafroth Project Manager
Lucie Fortova BRE & Configuration

Lucien Chappuis BRE & Configuration
Luis Moncosí BRE & Data Analytics
Markus Czarlinski Controller Smart Step AG
Melanie Burri Controller Smart Step AG

Nadia Jäggi Legal Counsel
Nicolas Gagliani Software Engineer
Noé Heim IT Developer & Platform Integrator
Pascal Béchaz Head of Mobility (CH)

Paul Tombs Country Manager UK & Irl
Roy Vayalathu CTO
Sandro Principe Lead Property Management
Silvan Vifian BRE & Configuration

Sophy Roy Quality Manager
Stephan Reinarz Country Manager Germany
Timothy Kersting BRE & Configuration
Thomas Stuber Head of IT Development

Ueli Marti General Counsel & Head of Legal Advice (CH)

Our Board of Directors & Advisors


Rolf Schafroth Chairman Expert strategy & digital business
Claudio Gienal Vice Chairman CEO AXA United Kingdom & Ireland
Marcus Nagel Member of the board Expert in Insurance and Private Equity
Andreas Akeret Member of the board CEO JAROWA AG

Ueli Marti Member of the board General Counsel JAROWA AG & Head of Legal Adivce (CH)

Advisors of JAROWA

Jordi Calbet Advisor for Spain Expert business & operational models
Thomas Hürlimann General Advisor Fintech Advisor and Board Member

BoD Smart Step AG

Christian Akeret Chairman Country Manager Switzerland
Ueli Marti Member of the board General Counsel JAROWA AG & Head of Legal Adivce (CH)

How it started

Vision & mission

In 2016, a drainage pipe was responsible for water damage in Habib's new apartment.


The apparently simple task of repairing the soaked carpet resulted in a tedious process between the policyholder, the insurance company and potential service providers. Quite a few rounds were necessary in order to find the right service provider, for the requests to the insurance company to be approved and to have the damage repaired.


This inefficiency sparked the vision of networks that could connect the market participants, increase customer convenience, simplify the administrative processes and assign the work to the best service providers.


Our mission is to build service provider communities and to connect them to clients and end users. We aim to achieve this by empowering the individual market participants and by improving the intercommunication through modern technology and digital know-how.


We believe in the collective power of communities, the mutual trust created by an uncomplicated cooperation and the joy of being part of the collective.

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